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Product Notes:
12 Volt, Direct Drive, 10 Tooth Drive, Clockwise Rotation, Genuine Lucas

Cross Reference Numbers:
2873A031, 2873B072, 2873D002, 26274, 26274A, 26274E, 26274H, 26323, 26323A, 26345, 26345A, 26345D, 26345E, 26345F, 26345G, 26345H, 26345I, 26345J, 26366, 26366A, 26366B, 26366C, 26366D, 26366E, 26366F, 26410, 26410A, 26410B, 27515, 27515A, 27515E, 27539, 27539A, 27539B, 27539C, 27539D, 27539E, 27572, 27572B, 27572D, 77793, 432570, 433316, 795152, 909971M2, 909971R2, 963989M1, 1447731R1, 1691806M1, 1860093M2, 1868285M1, 1868285M2, 1868285M3, 1868285V3, 1868287T, 2873003, 2873004, 2873006, 2873006R, 3539390M91, 3539390M92, 3546391M92, 3557493M92, 3597372M2, 3597372R2, 3763362M91, 3763362M92, 3763362M93, 3763362M94, 3930506R1, 4224340M91, 6106496M92, 6106496M92R, 26925193A, 26925193D, D11E137, D11E154, IS 0631, LRS00232, NSB540

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